Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Time for a new hobby or perfect an old one?

I have never been much of a sewer.  Always had sewing disasters; breaking needles, loosing patience, blowing up machines.  All which is rather sad considering my Mum is an ace at it.  My Mum mostly, but also with my Aunty, Nana and my eldest Sister helping made my gorgeous wedding outfit.  A four piece golden satin and silk number.  I'm feeling nostalgic as it was nearly 10 years ago, so I must post some wedding pic's.  Photography by Mark at Joshua Corporation, March 2002.  

If only sewing was a talent you instantly inherit.   But you know what I would take up sewing if I had this gorgeous machine like the new limited edition 160 Singer.  But I could also do with a new camera equipment as well.   

Knitting, on the other hand was something that did gel when I was younger.  I managed to knit myself a cabled cricket jersey, crochet pillow covers and blankets.  Fairly basic things, but still fun.  Though of lately with working, young children, writing, internet and blogging zapping my time, I haven't knitted since my children were little and I wonder if I would still remember how to cast on?  

Crafts such as these are such a precious thing, often taught by Mums and Grandmothers.  Have you thought about this too in the past?  I'm feeling the need to get back to my roots and brush up on some skills so I can pass them onto my children and their children.
To my Daughter Amber..."I will make your cake and decorate it, but just please don't ask me to make your wedding gown!"        

Friday, 3 February 2012

A Tribute

Day 34-366
A tribute to the 1931 Hawke's Bay Earthquake
Hastings City Centre 3rd February 2012

Today, 81 years ago at 10.47am a 2 & a 1/2 minute 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Hawke's Bay.  The earthquake and fires to follow  without remorse took the lives of 256 people, with thousands injured.  Hastings and Napier cities were hit the most, both cities were almost levelled.   

There is so much more to tell about this earthquake, many of you know so much already.  My Nana has shared her tragic memories with me of the quake, to endure such a thing as a young school child would have been horrific.

Today in the centre of Hastings City there was a tribute, I was unable to attend due to work commitments, however upon taking my son into town after school we were able to site the tribute "HB Tribune Ltd" papers hanging up.  Lovely to see and read some pages quickly.  I will go back to read some more.

I hope to photograph some more of Hawke's Bays building's too over the next year,  Art Deco and Spanish Mission architecture is a love of mine.  With being a born and breed Hastings girl, there is plenty of it here to amuse me, thanks to the rebuild.   

Sadly earthquakes are much to common in New Zealand and in the Pacific Ring of Fire.  Often I wonder why we live here,  yes it's a beautiful to be and we are very lucky to be here.  But we can't live in fear. 

Years pass, People grow stronger cities rebuild, some a little faster than others.  I constantly think of Christchurch and my friends there.  Those Southerners are a hardy lot and I wish them much love and support!  I wonder what Christchurch architecture will be like when they are able to rebuild.  Will it be a themed style, eco friendly, Advant Guarde or plain Jane Modern and up most safe?