Sunday, 22 July 2012

I'm not after an Accolade!

I'm not after an accolade, but maybe someone to do my housework wouldn't go astray...Finally I have a new blog entry! 

I really hate it when I loose touch with friends, family and "blogging", I do apologise it has been a couple of months now since my last blog!  Confessions to make, I have been busy with my number one LOVE; my family! then my full time work as a Product Development Technologist, studying, photographic portrait and wedding assignments and a wee holiday to my favourite place Mt Ruapehu and Tongariro National Park.    

Life gets awesomely busy, I like it this way.  If I'm not busy, I'm not alive.  

I'm no "supermum", many people a lot more than I do.  

Yes I work Full time as well and it's in a non photographic role too!  I work in the food industry and have done for 20 years!  I love food and I love my work!  I know I am one of those lucky young photographers that has the security of a day job, but the thing is I want to do both and try to do them both well!   

On the side I been studying towards a Diploma in Digital Photography since early 2011.  I am studying part time, hence why it is not completed yet.  Watch this space, hopefully in 4 months time I will be sporting an official diploma!  What an achievement that will be.  Although I class myself as professional (part time) photographer, completely the diploma just formalises the fact that I'm serious about this passion and I'm no "fly by nighter" and I'm training to serve my clients in the best way I can.  

I also have been involved in the Hawke's Bay Photographic Society (HBPS) for many years.  A previous role as committee member and secretary for several years helped me immensely.  the people I have met and assisted in my previous roles with the society have been amazing.  HBPS is an affiliate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.  I am also a student member of New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP), I owe a lot to this institute and their amazing team of volunteers and supporters.  If you are a young photographer, just starting out or even an experience photographer, I recommend that you do get in touch with NZIPP/PSNZ and find out about your local area branch and go along to some meetings to see what the national photographic institutes can do for you.

Well, this seems to be a long over due introduction and thanks for reading.  Many of you know what I do and are very supportive and I thank you for that.  

I have a major project to complete this year for my final paper and I have decided to write and photograph a cookbook.  Some of you may remember me mentioning a book earlier when I started this blog.  I have several ideas on a subject earlier on, some of them I will have to park until I have sufficient time for them.  But a big dream I do have is to write a vegetarian cookbook.  I always thought my first cookbook would be vegetarian, so now I have the opportunity, lets see if I can!  I have very limited time for this and I might have to call on some of my friends and family to help me in the process, borrowing equipment, kitchens and the "willing" use of your taste buds and stomachs!

Today I actually need to do some test shots for my book proposal.  Time wise I am on the wire, so I will finish up this blog to go and feed my camera and tummy!    

However before I go as a reward for reading my blog today, I would like to share some photo's from the past couple of months.  Firstly a Burlesque shoot, this is my gorgeous sister Marie whom was helping me out for an assignment.  A few holiday snaps and a sneak peek from a wonderful wedding I shot last weekend.  My next blog will be about the couple - Michael and Michelle from Perth, who chose to come to Hawke's Bay to get married!


My stunning sister Marie!

Mt Ngauruhoe at twilight

Mt Ruapehu at twilight

The old Hapuwhenua Viaduct - Old Coach Road, Ohakune. 
Michelle and Michael's big day 14th July 2012 

Talk again soon. 
Arohanui, Mel,