Sunday, 20 May 2012

Good old fashion film

The last couple of weeks have been a tad busy with work, birthdays (my son turned 9 earlier this month), studies, not a lot of sleep but still a whole lot of dreaming! 

Last week saw me dust off the film camera for a school project.
Quite an exciting thing as it has been many years since I have shot film.  I used Kodak Professional ISO400 film and here are some of the results.  Apart from a wee crop on a couple of the shots, these are as they have been shot, no photoshop editing!  I had to refrain from it, yes it was hard but I wanted this project to be a pure film result, I feel the images ooze Retro and that is what I wanted!     

One of our moggies "BB" short for Big Boy.

Any film buffs out there?  Do you still shoot in film? There's something about the smell of film, I know those chemicals aren't the best.  But it's rather nostalgic when I pop open a film canister.  

I bought my first camera when I was 16 years old, it was a SLR Pentax.  I learnt to photograph in film, those where some years ago now, but I remember taking this camera with me everywhere (apart from school).  I used to document a lot of my teenage years.  My pony, my family, boyfriends and the food I cooked at polytechnic.  I don't think much has changed these days apart from the appendage is a more convenient digital SLR Canon and the documenting continues as I capture my children and clients memoirs.

Oh, and how many times do the young kiddies say after you have taken a digital image say "Can I see it?" as they race up to view the back of the camera.  Quite the history lesson when you shoot in film and say, "Well actually no, you can't.  There is no screen on this old thing, it's a film camera!"    

Lets hope film never goes obsolete!
I was told by a friend travelling to France a couple of years ago, they shoot a lot of film over there.  Hmmm, I have always wanted to go to France!

All images copyright of Melissa Thorburn Photography, 2012.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Artists Wanted Competition

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