Sunday, 4 March 2012

What have I been up to lately?

Versatile Jasmine

Hi everyone,  I am so sorry for I have not blogged for a few weeks.  I have been a wee busy with family, work, study, more work and business building and of course play time in the big smoke of Auckland.  Special thanks to couples that have booked weddings with me, I feel so honoured!  Next weekend I be photographing Simon and Megan's wedding, I'm so looking forward to capturing their special day. 

Recently I had two portrait sessions with two very athletic beauties.  Jasmine came to me to  help build her portfolio, which I was honoured to do.  It was a fun session with many quick changes, we shot 7 different outfits and I'm so pleased with the results.  For her first photo shoot, Jasmine did not show any nerves and was very confident in front of a camera.  Thanks to Jasmine and her friend Fleur for being there to help out and support Jasmine through this experience.    

Secondly was Cherry Boomb, I hadn't worked with Cherry before.  We had been trying to tee up a session for awhile.  Cherry is a treat to work with, her suitcase of clothing and accessories was bottomless!  Cherry has an alternative edge and yet she is still very versatile to deliver any look from contemporary, burlesque, conservative to steampunk and more .        

So I now have many images to help build my own portfolio.  Which is thankfully growing fast and with each shoot I do I feel my skills are growing as I explore new techniques.   With digital files and photoshop I tend to push an image as far as I can take it.  The in camera image often doesn't need touching up, if I have the studio lighting set up right!  Studio lighting sculpts beautifully.  However I thought I would show the progression in images below of Steampunk Cherry.       

Image on the left is as shot.  Image on right is with tones and exposure adjusted, fill light increased, saturated and vibrancy increased slightly.  I also added a skin softening effect, which is a pre set I have made to blur the skin slightly.  I love this finished image, especially how it has a metallic satin glow.  But even still I wanted a bit of an aged effect.

So I added an old paper effect (ok this is a filter effect), quite mechanical really and it's an effect that I am yet to teach myself.  Plus so dark vignetting to draw you in more.  

Please let me know what you think of the progression, what image do you like the best?  

This weekend I have invested time and money into more training with the notable photographer Sue Bryce, through CreativeLIVE :
WOW is all what is on my mind right now.  Sue is an amazing photographer and so pleased that she is sharing her skills and advice this way.  

From what I am learning from Sue so far is that I am on the right track re my eye lines, which is great!   But also learning amazing posing tips to accentuate the beauty of the human form.  And trusting my intuition which is something you can not buy, it's something that comes with experience.  

So I will leave you all now and hope you are enjoying the weekend.  The weather bomb has past the Hawke's Bay and sun is kind of out again, though not sure for how long. I hope that where ever you are that the weather has been kind to you and your love ones. I'm hoping to get out later to get some more landscape images for an assignment.  
Toodles, Mel.



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