Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Cheer!

I know the year is not quite over yet, but I'm sure you all agree, 2012 full of all its magic and tragic events flew by us at what seems a split second behind the speed of light!

So I hope my fellow friends in the southern hemisphere had a super Christmas and enjoying family time as we prepare for New Years Eve and 2013.
Those of my northern hemisphere friends, Merry Christmas!  Hope your day is a stunning one.

Yesterday was a full on day for my family & I, full of many special times and delightful memories.  Thank you family! Naturally with new years fast approaching, I have been thinking of new years resolutions!
I must refine them, but hey they always change and some will be deemed unimportant eventually.  Things I am thinking of are:
Spend more quality time with my family, do more trekking, do more baking, finish my diploma, start up yoga again, take more photo's, blog more and save money for an overseas trip! 

I would love to read what you NY reso's are, together we can grow and support each other.  

Earlier this month Hubby and I took the future adults to Zealandia in Wellington.
Such a magical place, that is highly recommended, the entry I would liken to a Jurassic park scene, with a hugh protective fence and earthquake warning (Wellington, not a place I would want to be in an earthquake full stop).  But that aside, once you are in, you will be amazed.  A gentle walk leads you to beautiful native bird life, flora and fauna.  The lake is man made and suffers a bit of algae, but other than that it's a magical place and well worth the trip.  Here are a few snaps below...  


Zealandia also makes a beautiful wedding venue.  If you are looking for a unique venue where you are close to nature, this is undeniably your spot!  Check out their website, they have a wedding information pack to download for more information.  I had always wanted to check out Zealandia, however after booking Maura & Steve's wedding photography there, I had a firm reason to check out the venue.  It's not always possible to pre check wedding venues first, however I am glad I set the time aside!  I not only put my own mind at rest but my family had a fun well deserved trip away.     

Well as I sit on my couch writing and glancing over my lounge, I'm reminded that my house was hit by a mad Christmas pressie monster (or was it two monsters?) and I have housework to do ><, so I will leave you now to enjoy your festive time.  

I will be back with a special thank you and reminiscent blog for the year that was 2012!    


  1. Happy New Year! What an interesting place. I popped into the website & had a wander around. Our David used to flat just down the road a year or two ago..he loved to go to Zealandia. He thought about volunteering there but never quite got around to it. Hope the wedding there goes well. All the best for 2013. Much love Catherine xox

    1. OMG, Thanks so much Catherine and I feel so sorry for being so vacant here lately (I only just read your comment posting). I thoroughly recommend you visit next time you are in Wellington xxx Mel.