Sunday, 8 January 2012

Industrial Me

Quote From "A Treatise on the Inherent Qualities of the Tea-Herb", Compiled by a Gentleman of Cambridge, England 1750.

Today is day eight of my 366 Vintage inspired photo a day challenge.  And above is my photo of the day.  I spent he afternoon being industrialised in my kitchen, something I have wanted to do all holidays.  Back to work for me tomorrow and I thought I would do some weekly baking, ha, not sure if the baking will last all week!  

I made Lemon curd for the first time, invented a new recipe even (more like totally hashed up the recipe I was using and had to remedy it!).  Well I think it turned out all good in the end.

Tonight I'm watching TV, something I haven't done a lot of lately.  Watched "Under the Mountain", absolutely loved it and at the moment watching a very fitting movie "Julie and Julia", so I will leave you now.  

Toodles duckies,


  1. Love that teapot! Such a cool colour...

  2. Thats a nice photo :) welldone!

  3. Thank you Monica and Bec. I bought the tea pot of trademe a few years ago, pitty the inside isn't so lovely. It's horribly stained.