Friday, 6 January 2012

Producing a book on a low budget

I think I am getting the hang of this blog thing.  Special thanks to my members and follows so far.
On this journey to write and publish a book, it has opened my eyes to many exciting questions.  Like,

  • Will people actually be interested in this book?
  • How do I connect with my target market?
  • At what point do I tell the world what the book is all about? 
  • How do I fund it?
  • When will I find the time to do it?
  • Do I do it alone? Self publish or publisher?  Do I seek sponsorship?
Definitely the key thing to start with is the funding.  So this is where I need you help.  If you know of any
applicable affiliate plans that I can sign up to or companies I can offer advertising to on this blog that will be ever useful.  

I know this blog is very young and not many companies will see the point with adverting with me, but a girl has to start somewhere.  Also if you wouldn't mind sharing my blog with you family and friends that have a liking for vintage that I would also appreciate. 

Found this lovely business recently:   New Bohemian It's a New Zealand Vintage Clothing and Homewares Store.  Worth a look.

I'm off to the library and perhaps drag the kiddies off to another op shop, I will leave you with a pic I took yesterday of the Poukawa Church, Hawke's Bay.

Toodles my lovelies



  1. You are doing great Melissa, love your photo, churches are lovely to photo.

    Im not sure how you go about your book, but Im sure you will get there, I cant wait to see what you have done when finished

  2. Thanks SanaReika2011 ;) where there's a will there's a way! (as long as I stay focused)