Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A piece of me

Day 10-366

I feel it's time to introduce myself somewhat more.

A 38 year old mum of two gorgeous funtastic future adults.
Married to an extraordinary man and dad who loves history, 
building things and is a talented artist!

I work with food during the day and with my camera as a part time portrait and wedding photographer 
whenever I'm given the opportunity. 

I am studying to be a better photographer and doing a vintage 366 photo project too.

We have 3 vintage tabby cats, a cute fat dog, 3 old almost non laying chooks (dare I say it, you know what that means), a shy cockatiel and some tropical fishes.

Vintage memorabilia is a passion of mine, I collect things.

I collect way too many things!

Most nights I stay up way too late writing blogs, researching and planning my book.

I have dreams!

This blog was started as a place for me to keep my motivation up for my book, 
by posting my ideas, photo's, inspiration, meet some more like-minded
vintage lovers 
and to 
dream some more!

Night night all.


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